From Martínez Reformas e Interiorismo we manage a comprehensive platform of services on the different tasks that a reform needs, working with proven experienced professionals on renovation works in the planning and management area, so that your renovation becomes a successful initiative at the optimum price.

As we are a professional team we do not work with subcontract, we guarantee a direct involvement. In addition, we manage all aspects of your reformation from beginning to end. This is why we can offer and guarantee a final price on your renovation, avoiding any economical mishaps.

We work with the prime objective of meeting the commitments and qualities agreed with our customers, within the established economic boundaries.

  • We design projects, decorate and reform your home or your commercial premise.
  • We can extend the livings area (we optimize the space in your home).
  • Accessibility (Community Entrances, we change baths for ceramic shower enclosures, etc).
  • Changes to baths and kitchens (we design your bathroom or kitchen free of charge).
  • Interior design, high decoration in your home (Our own manufacture and exclusivity).
  • Commercial premises (we work out of business hours), renovations of industrial warehouses, extensions, reinforcements of sills, structures, etc.


Ask for information, without obligations at any time. We are pleased to help.