We specialise in façades and building restorations.

In Martínez Reformas e Interiorismo we have many years of experience building carrying out restorations with high quality finishes.

Structural restoration: Works caused by weaknesses in structural elements, (foundation, pillars, beams, covers,…) which affect the stability, solidity and security of the construction.

Functional Restoration: Improvements on access for disabled people. Restoration and adaptation of lifts or collocation of mechanic means to be used by disabled people. Restore communal installations which are inadequate due to age or deterioration, as well as possible. Restoration and adaptation of lifts or location of disability aids used by disabled people.

Adaptation of buildings for better energy efficiency and sustainability, improving the energy savings throughout thermic insulation and acoustic.

  • Integral Restoration of façades, coverages and buildings.
  • Lift Installations.
  • Restoration of historic-artistic monuments.
  • Structure reinforcement.
  • Treatment of cracks, expansion joints, injections of mortar or resin.
  • Special foundations.
  • Waterproofing of terraces and anti-dampness treatments.
  • Painting and traditional renders in all types of finishings.
  • Rockfalls controls.
  • Gutter, waste pipes, roofs and balcony maintenance work.
  • Exterior treatments.
  • Cleaning of facing masonry by wet, dry or special methods.
  • Facing treatments for masonry protection: anti-graffiti, water-repellence, fungicide.
  • Elimination of architectural barriers.


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